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Herculaneum and Amalfi Coast

Herculaneum and Amalfi Coast

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Originally discovered when a well was being dug out in the early 18th Century at a depth of 50- 60 feet below the modern surface. Initially a series of shafts and tunnels were dug to strip the site of any valuables sold later as antiques. However, between 1749 to 1765 Herculaneum was explored on a more scientific basis, under the orders of the Bourbon Kings of Naples and the Two Sicilies, initially under the supervision of Rocco Gioacchino Alcubierre, and then his assistant Carlo Weber. A basic plan of the town was mapped out and much of the portable remains removed, but eventually these tunnels collapsed and were closed down. The modern towns of Resina and Portici grew up over the site, and knowledge of where the entrance to the tunnels were was lost to the scientific community.

In the 20th Century, archaeological excavations re-commenced on a modern and scientific basis, fully uncovering a small section of the town, but the earlier tunneling had damaged the structure of much of the surviving buildings. The site also sufferings from exposure to the elements and periodic earth tremors, so the preservation and conservation of Herculaneum is a priority today.

Your tour will continue along the Amalfi Coast to Positano, surely the most beautiful seaside village of the Coast. Narrow winding streets that slowly descend from the hilltop to the beautiful beach will warmly welcome you for a leisurely stroll, where you may find fashion, designer’s boutiques, shops and the harbor, which is described by many as the most beautiful seaside village of the coast.

* We do highly recommend a private licensed guide for Herculanum
** Herculanum is partly wheelchair accessible.
*** You can get the tickets to sites on the spot – Euro 11 per person for Herculanum

Your English speaking driver will pick you up from the port in the morning and will take you back to the dock in the afternoon.

This tour requires extensive walking over uneven pavement, and we recommend you wear comfortable shoes.

All rates are quoted in Euro funds. Payment in Euro and/or Travelers Cheques. Price includes English speaking driver for the day.
Price does not include lunch, gratuities or entrance fees.

Price list
Mercedes A/C Sedan up to 4 people € 500 All inclusive
Mercedes A/C Minivan up to 6 people € 550 All inclusive
Mercedes A/C Minibus up to 8 people € 600 All inclusive
Mercedes A/C Minibus up to 15 people € 1500 All inclusive
Mercedes A/C Minibus up to 24 people € 2200 All inclusive
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