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Jewish Rome

Jewish Rome

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This private tour is created for those who wish to learn more about the history of the Jews in the city. Rome with a 2000-year Jewish presence has one of the oldest community in the world. To start the tour the guide takes you to St Peter’s in Chains for you to see the famous Statue of Moses by Michelangelo, then a walk towards the historical Ghetto; the same place the Roman Jewish community has thrived for over 500 years, your guide will explain the history of Jews from the Empire to the present.

After a walk through the ghetto you will be able to explore Rome’s Great Synagogue, and the only Jewish Museum in Rome. It is here that you will be introduced to the practices of the Roman Jews through both modern and historical perspective. Moving on, you will explore some of the areas where the original Jewish settlers took up residence in the Old City, before concluding your tour with a view of the Tiber River and the island perfectly positioned in the middle of it.

Duration: 3 hours
Euro 10 per person
Everyday except Saturday when the sites remain closed


All of our tour guides are fully-licensed guides of Rome, speak excellent English and have backgrounds in Art & History.

Goal: To provide you with an insiders view of the city; introducing you to its hidden treasures, and entertaining you with its great legacy of legends and stories that seem to resonate throughout the tours.

At your comfort we can also include a luxury car to accompany you with the guide throughout the sites and the city.

Price list
2 people € 75 per hour
4 people € 80 per hour
6 people € 85 per hour
8 people € 90 per hour
10 people € 120 per hour
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