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Food, wine and Rome

Food, wine and Rome

Your Italy Tours

Join us on a delicious journey through an alternative Rome. This mouth-watering tour gives you the opportunity to get off the beaten track and explore not only the history of the Eternal City but also its world famous cuisine, too. Rome has a rich culinary background like no other city in the world. Our mission is to introduce you to it and nourish your understanding of how to eat like real Italians during your stay in the capital. Head on down with us into the back streets of some of the most unexpected places in Rome for anauthentic local feast. We’ve carefully hand-picked for you some very yummy stops in 2 very curious neighborhoods on this tour. Each stop offers you a taste of real Italian food. We have customized this tour based on quality, focusing on bringing the finest ingredients and tradition to you.

The secret of Italian food lies in the simplicity of its ingredients. For centuries, Italians have been perfecting this culinary art. Today they serve some of the most simplistically brilliant dishes in the world, never straying from the meticulousness of their ingredients and ancient traditions. We want to introduce you to this “other” Italy and promote its culinary wealth in all its glory! Our background and experience in Italy allow us to show you an Italy far beyond the stereotype of “pizza, pasta, mamma mia!” We want to show you the real Italy. This is the unforgettable experience we guarantee.

Duration: 3 hours
Additional cost for food and wine: Euro 40 per adult Euro 30 per child
Starting time: 04.30 pm
Availability: Everyday
All of our tour guides are fully-licensed guides of Rome, speak excellent English and have backgrounds in Art & History.
Goal: To provide you with an insiders view of the city; introducing you to its hidden treasures, and entertaining you with its great legacy of legends and stories that seem to resonate throughout the tours. At your comfort we can also add a luxury car to accompany you with the guide throughout the sites and the city.
Price list
Up to 2 people 60€ per hour
Up to 4 people 65€ per hour
Up to 6 people 70€ per hour
Up to 8 people 75€ per hour
Up to 10 people 100€ per hour
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